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Griffith says lets make Johnson County great again

Dear Editor,
Thanks to the informative article by Rebecca Herman, “Citizens ask commissioners to allow Sunday beer sales,” I would like to add my thoughts.
Johnson County’s budget has been slashed to the bone. As stated at the budget committee meeting, the next cuts will be to lay off county employees. These fine folks are our neighbors, family, customers and friends whose jobs are at stake!
Why is there a budget crunch in our county?
No beans about it, Nashville legislative is not able or willing to look after our rural community’s best interests. The State of Tennessee mandated raises for county elected positions and cut the Hall Income Tax, both negatively impacted the county revenues. The hit that hurts the most is the elimination of the Hall Income Tax.
Eliminating the Hall Income Tax sounded sweet while in fact only benefited millionaires with thick investment portfolios.  Not you. Not me. Not anyone I know. Meanwhile, losing Hall Tax Revenues is a budget gut punch to rural counties like Johnson County. Thanks Nashville.
We can make a few decisions now to ward off the firing of some county employees.
I was surprised to learn that the third highest retail tax revenue benefiting Johnson County is beer sales, right after property taxes and the wheel tax.  I can not say this loud enough: collecting retail sales tax is the only revenue producer that visitors/tourists can contribute to keep Johnson County running smoothly!
Permitting Sunday sales hours for any willing local business seems a smart opportunity and civic minded idea.

Gloria Griffith
Mountain City, TN