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Greer wonders why journalists ask the right questions only when it's convenient

Dear Editor:

It is somewhat refreshing to see that the media is back to its traditional and historical focus. Finding the facts and letting the public know the truth. I refer to the recent scandal called “Bridgegate” involving Governor Christie of New Jersey. This scandal has been in the papers and on the political talk shows almost non-stop. The media is asking ail the relevant questions, who knew what and when did they know it, who is responsible and why did they do it? One talk show even suggested a possible Federal investigation. All this is to investigate a traffic jam in an area where traffic jams are fairly normal and no deaths were involved. Fine, I would like to know the truth.
I would also like to know the truth about Benghazi! It appears to me that a lot more effort and energy is going into solving Bridgegate than was ever put into finding out what happened in Benghazi where our ambassador and others were killed. It seems the media ask all the questions, got stonewalled and just quit. Maybe Christie’s best answer would have been, “They all got home from work, so what difference does it make now!”

W. Vance Greer
Mountain City, TN 37683