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Greer addresses recent editorial in Johnson City Press

Response to the editorial in the Johnson City Press dated May 6,2016 by Connie Schultz regarding Donald Trump.

Dear Editor:

Ms Schultz, your biased opinion is showing. Your editorial is titled “Journalists should not tiptoe around Trump”. I agree with that but wonder why you and others have been tiptoeing around Hillary Clinton for years? Twice you mentioned Trump’s misogynist commentary without giving equal time to Hillary’s obvious disdain for all the women who filed, or tried to file sexual charges against hubby Bill. She called them liars and worse which they were not.

You go on to say that you will continue your assault on Trump because “we can’t pretend Trump never said stuff like that -that it doesn’t really matter – and expect any thinking American to take us [journalists] seriously.” Again, there is no equal critique of Hillary. How can we take her seriously when she says “what does it matter” about four lives lost in Benghazi? How can we take you seriously when you downplay Hillary’s callous attitude and denial of her responsibility and yet hammer Trump for less? How can any thinking American seriously believe her latest claim that the FBI investigation is a “security review”?

You say Trump “has a history….and it must follow him every day of this presidential race.” That is fine with me if the same is applied to Hillary Clinton! Her history should follow her every day of the presidential race. For example; Benghazi, private server with classified material, Whitewater, cleaning out Vince Foster’s office before the police could gather evidence regarding his suicide, the travel gate scandal, sniper fire in Bosnia, losing $6 Billion while Secretary of State and more.

Hillary’s latest history is when she said she would “put some coal companies out of business” and when confronted in West Virginia tried to, yet again, deny responsibility. First saying she was misquoted and then saying that was not what she meant. That is her history, deny and try to parse her words to confuse the issue. She really thinks that no one should question her – ever! And when they do it becomes a political attack because she is a woman. Mr. Trump was not my first choice and may not be the best GOP candidate out there but I trust him [unknowns and all] more than Clinton. We know a lot more about Hillary and the majority of what we know is NOT good!

W. Vance Greer