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Family grieves over lost photo negatives

Dear Editor,

This should have been done months ago. I kept putting it off, giving them a fair chance to come up with my negatives or pictures from them.

Back over nine months ago, I took some negatives to a local drug store to be developed. They were different negatives of the few pictures of a son that passed away with cancer a little over a year ago.

To make a long story short, I went back two days later. They said the negatives had been sent out to their contract company to be developed. The girl said they couldn’t develop them there. I went back one week later, no pictures, went back two weeks later, no pictures, no returned negatives.

I had tracers sent out three different times, no negatives, no pictures from either place. This has went on and on for over nine months. The other company sent me a $5.00 camera, said to take other pictures that would be just as enjoyable. Are they dense? These were negatives of one of our sons that had passed away. He’s no longer here. How do you take a picture of a memory? How dense can anybody get?

To this day the people at the drug store or the other company has not come up with any negatives or pictures. The other company has not contacted us whatsoever. They destroyed another’s property that can never be replaced. My opinion is if we had a Judge Judy in Mountain City justice would prevail on a lot of matters.

E. Reece
Trade, Tennessee