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Disabled resident claims Hillcrest wrongfully threatened eviction

Dear Editor:

My name is Gail Palmer. I live at Hillcrest Apartments. This story has some funny aspects to it and some very sad ones also.
About 2½ months ago, I was given a sofa from someone here in the apartments and it wasn’t too long before bedbugs emerged. I tried to get rid of it and no one would take it out. I bought another at Hebron Ministries that goes nicely with my things and the “brown bomb” is in the living room in my way.
About eight weeks ago, the apartments decided they would heat treat my apartment. I was given a list of things to do. I am disabled with SLE being number one and 40 other things follow – such as seizures, Sjogrens, Paget’s of the bone, Raynaud’s, etc. Lupus really messes up the body. I told the people that managed the apartments that I need help because I tire easily and I was told by my M.D. not to climb (take down pictures, etc.). They said (the apartment managers) they did not provide assistance for that and they could not heat treat my apartment because I have too many things, so they were going to evict me because I could not do what they said.
I do not have a vehicle, no place to rent, no one will rent to someone being evicted, no one with bedbugs, even if I am disabled for 20 years. I went to college for five years and had a 3.9 average. I wish I could work. Social Security or my body won’t let me. I hate this disease; it affects every part of my life. My son had a heart attack this week, a stress test, cardiac cath and I couldn’t even go be with him.
The last straw was when they brought this cute little basset hound into my apartment and he was a bug dog! You read it right, folks – bug dog. He was supposed to sniff out bedbugs, but he seemed more interested in the popcorn I had sitting in the floor. If they are going to evict me for this, why don’t they bring in the drug dogs and get rid of a lot of people?!

Gail Palmer