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de Ribert supports a pavillion for the farmer’s market

Dear Editor,
I am writing in support of the Johnson County Farmers’ Market’s proposal to build a grant-funded pavilion in Ralph Stout Park.
I have watched as our Farmers’ Market became not just a place to pick up locally grown produce but also a genuine community gathering spot. I’m looking forward to the opening of the 2017 market to revisit the producers, growers, and craftspeople — and my fellow shoppers — who value supporting local businesses.
The Town of Mountain City should recognize that promoting this local marketplace and providing it room to grow can be a big step toward revitalizing our downtown and attracting visitors. Who’s going to travel to Johnson County to shop at a national chain store or dine at a food franchise they can patronize literally anywhere else? It’s the local flavor that draws tourists and the tourism dollars that our county and town seem to be in hot pursuit of. Let’s grow our local businesses — and bring our community closer together, too — by giving the Farmers’ Market the opportunity to create an asset all can enjoy and be proud of.
Denise de Ribert
Mountain City, TN