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D. D. Nave states his case for making abortion illegal in the United States

Dear Editor:

This month prochoice people celebrate 42 years of legalized abortion and pro-lifers mourn the loss of over 55 million unborn babies. After 42 years is there anything most people don’t know about the negative consequences of abortion? Yes! There are many shocking facts and side effects of abortion that the majority don’t know according to and
The majority of women felt rushed or uncertain at the time of their abortion and 64 percent felt pressured by others into abortion. Women who received no counseling by the clinic or other service-providers who performed her abortion was 67 percent. Women who felt they didn’t receive adequate counseling before their abortion was 84 percent and 79 percent weren’t informed by the abortion provider about available alternatives. Almost 31 percent report suffering physical health complications after their abortion with 10 percent suffering immediate potentially life-threatening complications. The risk of clinical depression among women following abortion compared to childbirth is 65 percent higher. When considering death from various causes women’s death rates after abortion are 3.5 times higher than giving birth. The suicide rates among women who have had abortions is six times higher than the rate of those who gave birth. Abortion increases a woman’s risk of future miscarriages by 60 percent. Prenatal screening tests with misleading results are prompting some women to abort perfectly healthy babies according to a new report. The vast majority of women who abort are unmarried single women. The number one killer of pregnant women is homicide!
It could be the final warning to California which is the strongest supporter of abortion. God sent an earthquake within 48 hours after a major pro-abortion decision by California. California announced on August 22 that all medical insurance companies must provide abortion coverage with no exceptions. Within 48 hours after the announcement God sent a 6.0 earthquake that caused billions of dollars in damages to the California wine industry.
     From these facts we can see the way to lower abortion and lower homicide of pregnant women is to encourage marriage. Christians must continue our efforts to show compassion to women in unplanned pregnancies, while telling them the truth that Jesus loves them and died for them and their life has meaning and value and so does their child’s life.
For post-abortion counseling call 1-877-hope-4-me. The Bible says those who hate God love death. The Bible says choose life. After 42 years all the pro-abortion arguments have been defeated.  Maybe the media will listen to us if we use slogans like Ferguson protesters used, “Unborn lives matter” and “Tiny hands up, don’t abort!” The one time choice of abortion robs the unborn of a lifetime of choices. Abortion is unsafe, unfair and ungodly. Abortion is the un-choice!

D. D. Nave
Elizabethton, TN