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D. D. Nave says while culture has changed, the needs of children have not

Dear Editor,

The National Center for Fathering ( reports there’s a crisis because over 24 million children in America are negatively affected by their fathers’ absence. The percentage of American children living without their biological father has tripled since 1960. Our culture has changed, however the needs of children haven’t.
In the 1960’s President Johnson devalued fatherhood by believing daddy government could replace fathers with welfare. In June 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing with President Obama devalued fatherhood by saying same-sex marriage must be the law in every state. With same-sex marriage more children will be raised without fathers if they have two lesbian parents. Women and men are complementary and children are healthiest who have both raising them. The U.S. Supreme Court not only redefined marriage they redefined parenthood and the family.
Studies clearly show the negative impact of not having a father. Of youth who commit suicide, 63 percent had no father. Of high school dropouts and pregnant teenagers, 71 percent had no father. Of youth with behavior problems and youth in prison, 85 percent had no father. Of homeless and runaway children, 90 percent had no father. Mona Charen said a study found preschoolers living with only their mother and their mother’s lover are 40 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than are children living with both biological parents. Children growing up with a father have a much better likelihood of success as well-adjusted, healthy productive adults. For those without a good father, by the ripple effect every configuration for them is henceforth negatively altered forever.
If you have no father or an abusive father don’t write yourself off. Only Jesus is the author and finisher. If you put your trust in Jesus, he can help you forgive your father and get past your past. It’s our attitude toward and respect for our parents that according to the Bible that brings God’s blessing or cursing. Don’t be like Michael Jackson who hated his father and God allowed his life to be cut short. The government and even time can’t heal the brokenhearted but Jesus can. All those with faith in Jesus are a new creation and by the ripple effect every configuration for them is henceforth positively altered forever!
D.D. Nave
Elizabethton, TN