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Cullum rallies voters to vote “yes” on Amendment 1 in November

Dear Editor:

I would like to urge everyone to Vote Yes on Amendment 1 during the public vote on November 4, 2014. It deals with abortions. Tennessee has the fewest abortion restrictions of any state in the Southeast. Nearly 25% of abortions in Tennessee are sought by out-of-state women and girls because of these lack of restrictions. Women considering abortion in Tennessee are currently provided none of the following safeguards: Informed Consent to provide accurate information based on health history, 24 Hour Waiting Period to avoid abortion-on-demand and coercion, Inspection & Regulation of abortion facilities, and Hospitalization Requirement for riskier late-term abortions. Approval of Amendment 1 will allow enforcement of the same common sense policies enforced in the 8 states surrounding Tennessee.
Do women & girls have a right to the facts? Vote Yes on 1.
Should a 24-hour waiting period be required? Vote Yes on 1.
Should abortion facilities be licensed & inspected? Vote Yes on 1.
Should taxpayers be protected from funding abortions? Vote Yes on 1.

Thank you,
Eldridge Cullum