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Concern growing about overdue fines

Dear Editor:

I attended the town meeting at the American Legion on June 10th to meet and see what Melissa Hollaway had to say about how she was going to collect the past due court fees. Remember there was an amount of three million dollars more or less under Carolyn Hawkins.  Melissa Hollaway claims it is only $64,000 presently and could only go back to 10 years of records.  I did not ask if she went to the judge’s “paper records” that issue these fees. That is one big drop in figures now that Carolyn Hawkins is not in the picture anymore.
So, I went to the commissioners meeting on June 19th to ask more questions for Melissa Hollaway. When the meeting began, the first announcement was that Melissa Hollaway phoned at the last minute that she was ill and could not attend.  Folks around me were disappointed and one family decided to get up and leave.  It was nice to see that many citizens of Johnson County attended and wanted an explanation for such a small dollar amount left on the past due fees that were issued through the courts.  Guess the “dog ate the paper reports!”  Sounds like an IRS explanation on missing emails.

Elizabeth Remis
Mountain City TN