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Cold Springs Utility customer is fed up and in search of support

Dear Editor:

We are a family of four people and we get our water/sewer service from Cold Springs Utility. Our last bill was $91.25, which says that we used 4,200 gallons of water. Well before we received this bill we had about $150 worth of plumbing work done and we took the plumbing receipt down to the office. Since we are allowed one adjustment per year, we requested that we get one. After adding everything up, the office told us that we would get a little over $2 off on this bill. For one thing these bills are outrageous and for another thing these adjustments should be a lot more than what they were going to give us.
Cold Springs Utility customers are going to have to get together and see what can be done about this company. One person cannot do it alone. Thanks.

Danny Nye
Mountain City, TN