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Citizens claim they were denied prayer at courthouse

Dear Sirs,
Recently Randy Davis, the Southern Baptist Executive Director of Tennessee, went around to all the county seats in Tennessee holding prayer meetings on the courthouse steps. He was able to do this at all of the courthouses, except for the one in Johnson County, where he had to go to the First Baptist Church steps. Many people gathered at each of these places to pray for our country and for each of the counties where these prayer meetings were held. He was not allowed to hold it on the Johnson County Courthouse steps. Many people in the county weren’t aware-of the ones not permitting this, but we want others to be made aware of this, especially since elections will soon be held. Unfortunately a few people are making decisions that affect all in the county without the whole county’s being involved.

Thank you for the space given for this subject.


Concerned Citizens of Johnson County
Jewell McCloud, Glen McCloud, Sharon Church, Kathy Potter, Christine Vines, Kyle Stanberry, Carolyn Dugger, Frank Osborne, Lambert Wood, Martha Courtner, James D. Johnson, Arima Dugger, Vaughn Potter, Pearl Matherly, Betty J. Cunningham