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Citizen concerned about Patriot Place

Dear Editor,

In reading the article about having the Patriot Place here in Johnson County, this really touched a nerve.
I cannot believe this project has not gotten more community support. We are talking about doing something for our veterans. What an awesome way to show our veterans how much we care and support them by building homes for them. Yet there are so many small-minded people who will not give their support because the thought is, “not in my back yard,” or because it would be another subsidized community for low income housing. Come on, people.
Veterans were good enough to go put their lives on the line for you, and many lost their lives doing so. Veterans do this so you can be safe and have your freedom. Yet you turn your backs on a project that could really help them out. Shame on you!
I would give my life for a veteran, as he has done for me. So wake up, people, and get your priorities straight.

Nancy Shourds
Mountain City, TN