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Christians should stand up for what we believe

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to last weeks letter to the editor about Christians voicing their beliefs. I truly agree with the author of the letter. Christians need to stand up for the word of God! I have heard all my life the devil has some of his best people in church. I never truly believe this till recently. People say what is wrong with the world today? I believe it’s that the devil has some o his best people in church. Instead of true believers following the word of God, we automatically follow what man says is the word of God. We have homosexuality being more and more accepted in the world and church. The word says, Leviticus 20:13 “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as a woman. It is a detestable sin.” We uphold adulterers in our church we allow them to hold offices in our churches (preachers, deacons, song leaders, teachers, bible school teachers). The word says, Proverbs: 5:32 “But a man that commits adultery lacks judgment, whoever does so destroys himself.” We have men and women being baptized on Sunday that invite their lovers to come watch them make this commitment to God. We have men assaulting women right after church. We have married and single men and women having affairs with other married men and women, but still attending church every time the doors are open, and we go as far as to call them brother or sister. We accept these people as they are believers of the word of God, but we as Christians choose to turn a blind eye to their actions. What are we as Christians and church goers saying to non-Christians? As long as you are at church on Sunday, it does not matter what you do the rest of the week! After stepping back and taking a good look around church and the world, I am having a hard time seeing the difference in the two. We are no better than the ones we are preaching to by turning a blind eye to the actions of those we worship with. I have decided that as a true Christian I can no longer call myself that if I continue to turn a blind eye to these things. I am no longer standing for the immorality of Believer or non-Believers. We preach marriage is forever, but we don’t practice it. We preach homosexuality is wrong, but we accept it. We preach abuse is wrong, but we cover for it. We preach purity to our youth but we put them on birth control, and when the un-wed mothers have babies we as a church throw them baby showers. We preach pro-life but we don’t vote that way at the polls. We preach the golden rule, but we don’t practice it. We practice do it to others before they have a chance to do it to you. We as a Christian community are a contradiction of our own beliefs. I am not pointing the finger, I am as guilty as anyone else. So my question is what is wrong with the world today? Are we making a difference and practicing what we preach.

Carrie Johnson,
Mountain City