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Cheers and jeers for Doe Mountain progress

Dear Editor:

I appreciate Brian Sweet’s letter to the editor concerning accessibility of Doe Mountain by citizens looking to enjoy a bit of nature in their own way.  Admittedly, the progress of establishing the Board of Authority governing use of the trail system has been painfully slow. Why? To be blunt, those responsible for working on this in Nashville have had their energy and attention diverted by the numerous elections coming up in November. That’s right, our elected officials are too busy working to get each other reelected to fulfill their promises to us.  This sour point could easily be the focus of my letter but I’d rather pull back from my frustration and give some credit to our county officials who haven’t been too busy to do their jobs; in fact, I know Mayor Potter has spent much of his own time in bringing to fruition our collective dream to make Doe Mountain an economic driver for our county. I know there have been numerous OHV riders, mountain bikers and joggers on the trails without legal permission granted nor protection against liability in the event of injury.  When the board finally does meet, plans for OHV, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking will move forward.  Whether ATV riding, as was allowed at Callalantee, is given a place on Doe Mountain is up to the board.  Brian is correct in his claim that these more aggressive ATV riders bring money into our local economy, are family orientated and loads of fun.  Is there room on the Doe for this particular style of riding where the impact on soil, water and sound puts it in a class all to itself?  I have ridden ATVs, trail bikes, OHVs, mountain bikes and walked miles of trails on Doe Mountain.  Personally, I hope Callalantee reopens soon under new management to give him a place to sling some mud. These riders deserve their own place.  In the meantime, call and write Lt. Gov. Ramsey’s office asking for action on forming the Board of Authority.  Hey, they’re working for us!

Dennis Shekinah
Mountain City, TN