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Carter teaching for the family of Cecil M. May

Dear Editor: I am searching for the family of Cecil M. May, who was in the Army Air Force during World War II. He and my uncle, Vaughn Reaves, from Greeneville, TN, served together in 1943 as crew members on a B-17, “Mr. Five-by-Five.” Their plane crashed in the North Sea near Texel Island in the Netherlands Nov. 26, 1943. The plane was never recovered and the crew was pronounced Missing In Action/Killed In Action. From information received from military records, I have found that Cecil May was from Trade, TN. It is my hope that members of his family still reside there. I would greatly appreciate correspondence from this family to exchange any information, stories, pictures, etc. from the time these two served together. Please contact Sheila Carter, 50 Kidwell Lane, Bulls Gap, TN 37711. Phone 329-5697

Sheila Carter