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Candy Clark asks Johnson County Humane Society ‘Is it true?’

Dear Editor,
Johnson County Humane Society, is it true? The humane society offered the humane society property and facility to the county for $100,000 and they declined?
Is it true that an animal rescue group here in Johnson County offered you that same $100,000 for the Humane Society property to be used to the full extent and purpose of which it was funded and built by the residents, business owners, state and county facilities for the sole purpose of an animal shelter, rescue and rehabilitation facility and adoption center, and you declined their offer?
Is it true the Humane Society property and facility has been sold and closed to an outside source that does not intend to use this property as an animal facility for animals to which this facility w as solely funded and built for?
Is it true that all funds received from the sale of the Johnson County Humane Society property will be used solely for the purpose of spaying/neutering and micro chipping of animals in Johnson County?
Candy Clark
Concerned Citizens of
Johnson County