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Cancer survivors can still get door prizes from recent dinner

My name is Linda Keller. I am a 14-year cancer survivor, which I thank God for. I have for the last four years worked with Lesa Brown with getting the door prizes for our Cancer Survivor Dinner. I want to thank all the wonderful people who have donated the great gifts. Due to the death of my sister on May 5th from cancer, I could not help this year. The pain was too new.
I want to thank Mrs. Garland and Mrs. Campbell for helping Lesa. I also want to thank the Levi Retirees for a delicious dinner they prepared, served and cleaned up. They donated all to the survivors and their guests. We appreciate also “Slice of Bluegrass” for performing that night.
I have received several phone calls that were very upsetting to me. Apparently the manner in which the door prizes were given out was changed this year, but not by myself or Lesa. We would have preferred that all survivors receive a prize as they always had. Last year we used red tickets for survivors and blue for their guests. All red tickets were drawn first, then the blue tickets. This year all tickets were the same color and it caused some confusion. If you are a cancer survivor that did not get a door prize, please call me at 727-7675, and I will see that you get a prize.
Again, thank you, Lesa Brown for all your years of hard work done with love, not for a pat on the back. Also to the Levi Retirees for the delicious dinner, done with love. And to all the wonderful people that donated door prizes out of love.

God bless all,
Linda Keller