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Caiden appreciates last week's article about how to get published

Dear Editor:
I found it refreshing to see that your paper recognizes that there are certain people who love to write, and would love to have people read what they wrote. How do you go about writing a book, then how do you find a publisher. Why would anyone consider me, as a source to get the very best information to your readers, who want to be read.
 I am an internationally published author, currently listing eleven books on, and Kindle. My books are selling, and I have decided to greatly expand my old website, to include my books, art, and greeting cards. After 15 years of painting, and 9 years of writing, I am comfortable that there is enough product now available for new customers, to invest in this venture.
 Just one word! “”
 This is a division of, that will publish your work. No rejection letters, no high mailing costs, no charges for what work you can do, without their help. Of course, very few new writers have any idea of how much time, money, and effort goes into publishing your own work. CreateSpace has all the services needed for your book creation, and they have fairly priced these services, should you have no other resources to submit correct manuscript copy, and format, or the graphic artist to do the art graphics on the outside cover. All work is paperback. This reduces your customer cost, to buy the book, by about 25%.
 The scammers offer to get your work ready to print, and submit to CreateSpace. For a fee, that keeps increasing when these rogue publishers advise of additional fees, to do the work that you request. To do the work that you can do yourself, and maintain the integrity of your copyright.
 Ignore them. Go direct to There will be other similar sounding posts on a search, that will try to get you to hit their site. They will charge you a fee, for doing what you can do for free.
 So always read the e-mail address of the web party listing such a service. You don’t need them, and you do not want to get into paying them hundreds of dollars, then they tell you this, or that needs to be done! Send more money.
 The library has some of my books on the shelf. Linda Icenhour, the head librarian, knows me, as I know her, on a professional level. Should you have any questions that CreateSpace has not walked you through. let her know you would like to talk to me, and I will respond.
 I am currently writing another “Touched” series book, plus creating the new website, so have patience, as to when I will be able to get back to you.
 It is possible that, if there is enough interest, I can reserve the conference room at the library, and we can hold a free seminar, as to what I can share with those interested, in how to write your book, what to do, and what not to do! Let the librarian know, and Linda can advise me.
 I am very involved right now with my twelve book, the website marketing, and new subject research, so the meeting would have to take place in the evening.
 Wishing everyone success! That one day you will be able to say “I write books.”

Buddy Vaiden
Mountain City, TN