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Buddy Vaiden is happy to announce the ‘Vaiden Enterprises Art Scholarship’

Dear Editor: is happy to announce the award of the “Vaiden Enterprises Art Scholarship” for the JCHS graduating class of 2017. The scholarship goes to Logan Mink, whose parents, Kevin and Rebecca, run the Mink Crafts Store on Church Street.
This the first year this scholarship has been awarded. The qualifications to be considered were to have at least a 3.0 GPA. Logan currently has a 3.9 GPA. The candidate must be accepted by an accredited college. Logan has been accepted by Milligan College in Elizabethton. The candidate had to exhibit at least three pieces of their art for my review, of which one of his more recent works is “The Centigram.”
With his and his parents’ permission, this piece is going to be on the front cover for Frank Vaiden’s newest book which is expected to publish by the middle of May. The title of the book will be “Your Spiritual Centigram…where to successfully place the spiritual panels of your life.” Logan submitted a 500-1000 word essay, regarding why he should be considered for the scholarship. I was very impressed, as I had nothing to argue with what he wrote.
Finally, he is the senior president of the Johnson County High School Arts Council. He plans to major in marketing and minor in art. As a professional author and artist, I, and those who have found out about his receiving this scholarship for $1,000, wish him all the best. The good people of Johnson County will, I pray, encourage and motivate him in this, the beginning of his new life.
By God’s grace, next year’s scholarships will be for journalism and art. It is our young men and women who reach out and strive for what is good and helpful to others that will help the Arts Council of Johnson County to put us “on the map.”
My heartiest congratulations to a fine role model. My hopes are high that we will have many more of the new seniors for next year reach out for these new scholarships.
May God watch over Logan and the class of 2017 and grant them success. I look forward to seeing next year’s submissions from the Class of 2018. Submissions will be accepted after January 1, 2018 and will be awarded April 1, 2018. I pray God’s Holy Spirit will guide, strengthen,  and direct Logan through the journey of life, be compassionate to others, and keep his faith strong. My congratulations as well to all of this year’s graduating class. May you all reach your dreams. It is in my heart and my prayers that you will.

Frank “Buddy” Vaiden
Mountain City, TN 37683