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Blankenbeckler says there are many misconceptions about Amemendment 1

People seem to think that Amendment 1 is only about abortion. False. All Amendment 1 is going to do is open the door for Uncle Sam to escorting you to the doctor and making your healthcare choices. People are uninformed on the “reasons” they need to vote for/against this amendment- and that is what is truly dangerous.
Current Facts:
 TN does NOT pay for non-residents to have abortions in our state.
Abortion Clinics are HIGHLY regulated and as safe as any medical office.
Rape, Incest, and medically necessary abortions would not be “exceptions” to any law after this amendment.
 24 Hour waiting periods do not help women anywhere, anyway.
Women are given INFORMED CONSENT papers at this time in this state.
This list could go on and on, but let me urge you to visit and read for yourself more facts. Healthcare decisions should remain private and this Amendment seeks to do harm to that ability.
Fast Facts about Abortion:
Before abortion was legalized in 1973 countless women died in unsafe, back-alley, coat hanger abortions. THAT is the GRUESOME truth.
Abortion rates would remain unchanged if it again became illegal- the only thing that would change is death rates among women and children.
No woman should have to have a child of rape or incest—nor should any woman die because her body is unable to handle pregnancy.
People urging you to vote this in have absolutely no reason to do so- other than the fact that they believe what other people do with their bodies is their business. Sorry folks, you’re thinking of a country run by religion. A country that tells a woman she can NOT make her own choices. A country that shames and kills people for their own religious beliefs.  You’re thinking of a country like Iraq. Shock you? Look it up, it’s true. That’s why you should vote NO on 1.
Voting this in will pave the way to lawmakers having the ability to force or deny healthcare on/to anyone. Do you want to die because your cancer treatment only has a success rate of 30% and lawmakers decide that’s too low to waste the money/time? Do you want the government making YOUR health-related retirement choices? NO ON 1!!!
This should outrage all Americans, Republican and Democrat, old and young, man and woman. The government is coming for your healthcare rights. Are you going to stand up and tell them NO? NO on 1!!! Don’t sit idly by while your rights are infringed upon. Take control. Don’t sit at home. Go VOTE. And while you’re there- VOTE NO on 1! 

W. H. Blankenbeckler