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Bell thankful for donations

Dear Editor:
Please allow me to take a moment to express my gratitude and profound appreciation to the family of Harry Wills. They asked folks to send donations in lieu of flowers to a choice of two charities, the Cancer Fund and the Johnson County Heating for Seniors Fund. Well, the outpouring of gifts began to arrive.
The following list of folks sent donations to the Heating Fund that totaled over $1,300. But first and foremost I thank the Wills family, for even during their time of deep personal loss they thought of this county’s neediest folks and took steps to be of help to others. What a wonderful family to be a part of, each should be proud…God bless them!
And I would also like to thank each individual on this list for choosing the Heating Fund to contribute to. God will bless you as well.
Bonnie Reece, TN Department of Human Services, Unique Boutique, Tri-State Growers, Gretchen Trexler, John and Betty Farthing, Bryant’s Land Development, Pattie Clark, Barbara Reece, Kathy and Dean Henderson, Wilma Smith, Karla Prudhomme, and Naomi Hammons from the Class of 1963. What a blessing to me to be associated with the Wills family and all the folks on this list. Thank you all.

Gwen Bell