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Bell says freedom is wonderful but it also requires responsibility

Dear Editor;
Last Saturday the Johnson County Humane Society held a free vaccination clinic with the help of two local vets at Stout Park.
We were able to vaccinate 247 dogs for rabies and also the five-way vaccination to prevent Parvo, heartworms etc. It was a long day for all of us and I want to thank all who participated. We received a lot of praise from the pet owners, some of them who never had their dogs vaccinated, which boggles the mind. Hopefully we can do this again next year.
But I would like to address this especially to the members of the hunt club, who have tried to stop the Humane Society from getting animal control in this county anyway they could – but they sure showed up for the FREE vaccination of their animals! What in the world is their beef with us – why don’t they want to protect their own animals by abiding by a few rules. Freedom is wonderful, but it also requires some responsibility! I know they love their dogs and take good care of them, why don’t they help the Humane Society to make this a safe county for all.
Karin Bell, Secretary JC Humane Society