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Bell asks for community assistance to raise funds to help seniors stay warm

Dear Editor:
My name is Gwen Bell, and I represent the Johnson County Emergency Heating Assistance Fund for Seniors.
I am asking all to come to the Crewette Building for one of the Levi Ladies wonderful breakfasts on Nov. 11th. Cost is $6.
Please show your support. This is our one and only fund-raising event this year. We need a really good turnout. We are incorporated as a non-profit corporation and registered as a charity with the Secretary of State. This cause is one that is not being addressed through other community organizations and it is a matter of life and death for these seniors when the temperatures drop. We helped over 50 people last year stay warm.
Most people are not aware of the breadth and depth of this problem. Envision the following: income of under $800 a month to pay rent, food, medicine, doctor co-pays, lights, fuel, etc. This is what a great number of Johnson County seniors face every month.
So please come out to the breakfast and give if you can. It will be a wonderful meal and you get to visit all your friends. I hope to see you there.
These people are our neighbors, our friends, the backbone of our community who are now unable to work and cannot afford the necessities of life. The conditions in which many people in this community live would shock most people; often we take for granted a warm home, food on the table and easy access to health care when we need it.
But we need to consider these folks.
I am asking each of you to donate if you can, so we can provide the money to pay power bills, kerosene, propane, and wood to those less fortunate.
Let’s continue to be a dependable source
of help for the needy here in our county.
Send any donation to Johnson County Heating Assistance Fund for Seniors, PO Box 208, Mountain City, TN 37683.
I thank each of you and may God bless you,
Gwen Bell