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Beckers continue to stand against fluoride

We’ve all been deceived about the benefits of fluoride in our drinking water. Think on this – how can an aluminum waste product that is used as rat and insecticide poison, erodes steel tanks, kills fish – be healthy for our delicate human bodies? Ask who is profiting by disposing/selling their toxic waste? Answer – the big aluminum corporation who brainwashed the dentists, the gullible public through the news media that sodium fluoride will prevent tooth decay. Ridiculous. There is absolutely no documented proof. In fact more evidence of harm. Don’t take our word – do your own research and investigation.
Yes, we have been hoodwinked. This is not only about money but also the control of the population by dumbing down America. This was the plan and experiment on prisoners of Germany and Russia during the war. I challenge you to check this out on the Internet. By Alex Jones – This sodium fluoride long term causes Alzheimer’s among many other ailments. This toxic poison is found in most of the soda pops along with Aspartame (another poison) in diet drinks. Watch a 10-minute video – covers other significant information before the fluoride issue.
The National Health Federal has several articles by doctors and professionals on the subject. If you don’t have a computer go to the library and use theirs for free. Look up then click “Fluoridation” on right of screen. “Fluoride in water linked to lower IQ in children.” A recent one, “Poison is treatment; the campaign to fluoridate America” by James F. Tracy, Ph.D. “Chemist gives three toxic reasons to end water fluoridation” by Shane Ellison, M.Sc. Another site “Fluoride, the dangers and side effects.”
Seek the truth – learn the facts. Preserving our health and saving the county money is a win-win situation we cannot afford to pass up. Voice your demand against fluoridation in our public water supply – get with your aldermen or attend the next town hall meeting. This is a chance of a lifetime – your life. Follow your conscience. List to that still small voice within. Let the truth set you free.

In God we trust
Rev. De Lite Becker and
Derek Becker of Becker Labs