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Becker warns about the dangers of fluoride

Dear Editor:

Citizens, let’s demand no more fluoride in our water! This is an opportunity to express our concerns about the continuation of Fluoride being added to the public water supply.
How and why did this fluoridation program begin? It got underway around 1950 when lawyer, Oscar Ewing, for the Aluminum Corporation of American – which firm had fluorides to sell (aluminum waste products) had a great problem of disposing of this toxic waste, since it killed fish at sea and ate through the steel tanks on land, filtering into private waters which brought on law suits. Once the program was underway, it is believed that the urge of bureaucrats to carve out empires of power and control of people’s lives became one of the dominant motives for pushing it. Through the National Institutes of Health and Research in the P.H.S., as well as other close connections, the American Dental Association was recruited and sold on the idea that to maintain good public relations, it would have to push this fluoridation program, which it has done with great success.

Doctor Smith, professor of the University of Arizona said, “Fluoride mottles teeth and has a tendency to cause malocclusion” (teeth to come in crooked due to stunting of jaw-bone growth). Fluorides particularly grasp calcium from the system, depriving the body of calcium stores and substituting sodium for the calcium which has been removed.” Enzymes – Dr. Hugo Theorell, says, “Fluorides inhibit and destroy vital enzymes which are essential to digestion and most vital life functions.” From the book “Fluoride, The Aging Factor,” states, “Fluorides in municipal water supplies, as little as one part per million, also can contribute to the breakdown of collagen, the fibrous protein in connective tissue.” The EPA has authorized up to four parts per million of fluoride for city water sources, and that is sometimes exceeded, through accident or carelessness. Cooking concentrates fluorides further leading to toxic dosages to the human body. Fluoridated bath water soaks into the body. Fluoride poison accumulates in the bones as well as the various organs and tissues and can be fatal. Many countries worldwide have banned fluoride in public water.

In conclusion, “The basic opposition to fluoridation stems from eminent doctors and scientists who have researched the subject intensively. They warn that it will have no long-run benefit dentally, but in fact, will harm even the teeth, for no part of the body escapes its malignant influence. The action of the poison is low and cumulative, many will die, many will become chronic invalids, and no two will manifest their poisoning in exactly the same way. More important still, hardly any of the ailments will be laid to fluoridation.” We have next to nothing to gain and much to lose with fluoridation.

Rev. De Lite Becker