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Arts associated with ‘Long Journey Home’ bring $10,000 into county

Dear Editor:

On behalf of Long Journey Home, the Johnson County Arts Council Art Show and the Musical Heritage Mural project; I’d like to share with you as treasurer that approximately $10,000.00 has come into our county through these wonderful events over the past three years. Mural supplies, paint, T-shirts, bags, plaques, prizes, flowers, food and many other purchases were made here in Johnson County as well as money earned by artists, musicians, craftsmen, vendors and restaurants. We have had visitors, good publicity and community support  as we have sought to renew excitement and appreciation of our treasured heritage . We had a couple this year who came from Rogersville after seeing our Long Journey Home ad in the Tennessee Magazine. There are lots more stories like this.
We appreciate everyone who helped in any way and all those who continue to enjoy the fruits of these projects and especially the JAM group and all the children who are keeping alive the music and arts for our future. The East TN Foundation, Johnson County Community Foundation, Soundtrack of America-Made in TN as well as local individuals and businesses have made these events successful and helped our community to grow.
On a personal note, this has been a wonderful experience for me. Myself and all the committee members got chill bumps and a sense of awe as we were brainstorming at Evelyn Cook’s home and heard Stephen Long read aloud from a song he found on his phone, “I’ve lost all my money but a two dollar bill, I’m on my Long Journey Home”. That day, all the work and blessings in between and standing by Cristy to unveil all three of the murals has been a highlight of life. I hope it has been special for you too.
We are already working on next year. Jump in and make it even better.  Can’t wait!

Temple Reece