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Armentrout feels betrayal from Senators

Dear Editor:

Senate Bill S. 744 on Illegal Immigration has been supported and promoted by both of our Tennessee Senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker. This 844 page Bill will do the following:
1. Drive down the wages of many American workers for at least a decade according to the CBO.
2. Further burden citizen taxpayers who will be forced to subsidize services such as welfare, unemployment, food stamps, health care etc. that this huge influx of largely unskilled workers will be unable to support through taxes they generate.
3. Will grandfather citizenship to numerous categories of criminals and felons both incarcerated and otherwise.
4. Will not secure our borders allowing illegal immigration to continue at 50–70% of present levels. The CBO conservatively estimates an influx of at least 46 million immigrants by 2033.
5. Will destroy the Republican Party as surveys reveal illegal immigrants favor the Democratic Party 8 to 1. The Democratic Party presently supports the redistribution welfare state.
6. Permit illegals once legalized to not have to pay back taxes for work done here. You try doing this and see what the IRS will do to you.
In my opinion our Tennessee Senators have become Washington, DC beltway elites who have abandoned the average taxpayer on this and other critical issues. Instead of actually supporting our current immigration laws they create and push new laws which are destructive to the average tax paying citizen. Lamar Alexander is up for reelection in 2014. The Republican Primary is next August. He is hoping people like me and you will forget his flawed immigration push. I feel betrayed by him and will remember him in the 2014 primary.

Jay Armentrout
Sulfur Springs