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Allow professional company to collect fees since elected official is stonewalling

Dear Editor:

Here it is Sept 1, 2012.  I have made several phone calls to my Commissioner Bill Adams.  Can’t leave a message since he has no voice mail at home.  Can’t talk to him when I deliver my garbage to the County dumps on Saturdays because he is too busy with weighing in customers.  I guess I have to wait til the next meeting, however, it has been canceled in Sept. because of ” lack of business.”  That means, another month for Court Clerk Hawkins not to collect back fees which she has not been done over the last two years. It just bugs me that there is monies to be had like $3,000,000 that could help Johnson County budgets now and in the future.  Even if getting only a percentage of this money is better than NO money collected at all.  Allow a professional company to help us since a elected official seems to be stone-walling the folks in Johnson County.
The article in the Tomahawk (8-22-2012) states that a contract was agreed upon with Solutia but was waiting for Hawkins’ signature.  Confirmation never came and communication  with the county diminished.  How about the Commissioners invite the Representative from Solutia & Court Clerk Hawkins to attend our October Commissioners next meeting.  This will give Court Clerk Hawkins all the time to clear her BUSY schedule and maybe there will be some communications between the Commissioners, Hawkins & Mayor Potter!  OR a simple phone call from Court Clerk Hawkins to Solutia to get the wheels rolling again. I use to be in the collection business when working for a Propane Company and the longer the delinquent amount “aged”, it was more difficult to collect. Sounds like the collection company wants to help Johnson County like they have been helping 30 other counties in TN.

Betty Herod
Johnson County – District 1