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A Sunday morning drive told me what is wrong with us

The Tomahawk's recent Question Of The Week, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” was a real zinger, and the answers were mostly right on the money. I particularly agreed with the lady who said, “Too much government, not enough God.”
Our country has had a lot of problems in the past few years and lately everyone wants to blame President Obama. But it's not all his fault. If Senator McCain had won the election, we would still be hurting. If Governor Romney wins in November, our nation will still be in trouble. Our country started the down hill slide before the President was even born. I didn't vote for him, won't vote for him, but I'm not going to blame Obama for our nation's decline.
My wife had surgery a while back and couldn't go to our church that week. I decided to only attend Sunday School and head back home to insure she was okay. My 14 mile ride at 11:00 a.m. shed a lot of light on why our country is falling apart.
The parking lots at Food Lion, Save-A-Lot, Food Country, Fred's and Dollar General were packed. I must have passed a dozen trucks towing boats, the car washes had folks waiting in line, the ATMs were busy, the restaurants were packing them in and I saw hundreds of cars leisurely heading along life's highway. That was a sad 25 minute drive considering that Johnson County has a higher average of church going folk than the larger towns and cities.
God is slowly withdrawing His hand from America, and we deserve it! Unless we start putting the Lord Jesus Christ first in our lives, we are doomed as a nation. The great Evangelist of the past, Billy Kelly said it best…. “God is still on His throne, the reins are in His hands, and everything is running right on time!” We've got trouble folks, and the answer is in the Savior of the King James Bible, not Washington DC.

Jim Koenig
Mountain City