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A Letter from the Editor: Shame on you

To start with, the staff at the Tomahawk Newspaper would like to express the opening phrase of just three simple words to the person(s) responsible for stealing several flowerpots, which had been beautifying the little garden leading up to the back entrance of the newsroom. A little secret, here at the Tomahawk that we enjoy during each spring and summer is that our Publisher, Bill Thomas, willingly puts his gardening talent to good use by means of creating a visibly tasteful, flower bed and garden, coupled with a variety of color-filled flowerpots, that are skillfully arranged by the back door and around the garden.

As soon as the weather breaks each year, Bill goes to work, wasting no time to get his garden ready for the season, all to ensure that work each morning starts with a visually satisfying and enjoyable fruit of his green-thumbed labor of love. And, it is indeed beautiful. The garden is always balanced and is growing, often prompting Bill to share some of the plants and flowers with the staff.

To some, this incident may not be such a big deal and, perhaps monetarily, it really is not. But to us here at the newsroom and most importantly to Bill, our pretty little garden’s creator it means more than a few words from this editor can express.

By the way, we do have surveillance cameras in place just in case you all wondering. So, to the shameless thief of our flowerpots—aside from our
utmost disappointment of finding our garden robbed of some of its beauty—we close with another three-word phrase, “Please enjoy it.”