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A concerned grandmother expresses her frustration over coaching situation

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the update on the school board meeting and the complaints and allegations against Coach Todd Whittemore .
All allegations were supposed to be investigated. Do you call asking Whittemore if any of the allegations were true an investigation?
Whittemore stated they were not true. Is this the same thing as saying all the girls were not telling the truth?
Whittemore stated his bosses supported him. Is this the same as saying it’s okay for a coach to use foul language, belittle and disrespect a team of 15- and 16-year-old girls?
College coaches have been fired for less than what Coach Whittemore has done. What happened to leadership, honesty, integrity and teamwork? Shame on you, Coach Whittemore. You know the truth about what you said and the way you’ve acted.
You need to go make pizza; you can throw anything you want to on it.

Concerned grandmother,
Frances Brooks