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Tim’s Tomahawk Talk – Appy coaches need to visit Johnson County

By Tim Chambers
If diamonds can be found in the rough then a gem or two might pop up in Johnson County should one come looking for it? Those diamonds can often be potential student athletes who not only excel in the classroom but on the field.
Appalachian State would be a dream come true and the perfect fit for some talented Longhorns because of its location. The campus is only 30 minutes away but very few on their athletic staff probably know where Johnson County High School is.
I’m sure by now that many are thinking that I’ve flipped my lid and maybe I have.  But it’s time we started looking at the bigger picture and promoting our athletes to draw interest.
Mountaineer teams are several notches above any NAIA college program and it would take a special type of athlete to play there. But you never know what’s here unless you visit.
Maybe you might find a diamond in the rough.
Appalachian State at Tennessee
The Mountaineers will find Neyland’s “Big House” much tougher than the one they encountered at Michigan. Appy made history by knocking off the Wolverines 34-32 in their home opener in 2007.
They also took home a hefty 400K paycheck. They’ll get a big payday for playing the Vols but they won’t get a W.
And here is why?
Many think this could be a trap game for the Vols but not me. Jones has always had his teams well prepared while facing the Mid-major teams.
This will be the second consecutive season that the “Big Orange” has faced a mid-major conference champion. And this one will be played on a Thursday night in front of a sellout crowd and a large television audience.
The Mountaineers won their conference last season and played Ohio in the Camellia Bowl. Ironically, Ohio is on Tennessee’s schedule and they combined with Appy to go 18-6 last season but don’t expect Tennessee to take either of them lightly.
Tennessee has fared well in recent mid-major games.
They knocked off Utah State 38-7 in 20014 they blasted Bowling Green 59-30 in Knoxville last year.
The Mountaineers won 11 games last year but the Vols won’t be on their 2016 victim list.
I’m a true Vol fan even when they play Appalachian State but that could change in the future.
Adding a Johnson County player on their roster ever now and then would nice. It would probably make me break out the black and gold but for now I’ll stick with wearing my orange and white.
Until they come calling…
Tim Chambers is the Sports Editor for The Tomahawk. You may contact him by email at [email protected]