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Local athlete draws strength during mother’s illness

Mary Martin and her daughter Charly, smile to the camera during the opening day of the 2019-2020, high school football season. The mother-daughter team draws strength from each other’s dedication to God and family. Photo by Beth Cox

By Beth Cox
Freelance Writer

Charly Martin has loved cheering as long as she can remember and right beside her, every step of the way was a very proud and dedicated mom. Mary Martin has always put family first and loves being a cheer mom for Charly. Mary is very ‘hands-on’ when it comes to her children, but on March 18, that all changed. Mary was the one who needed the extra help.
“I got the call from my doctor that I had breast cancer,” Mary said. “Charly was with me when I got the news and we just both looked at each other and cried.”
It was devastating news for this close family, but Mary states that Charly looked at her and with all the hope and comfort a teenage daughter can give she said, “Mom it will be ok.”
Drawing her strength from her family, Mary has worked hard to continue a normal life for Charly, her son Evan and husband Charles. The cancer survivor was determined to be available for her daughter, she rarely missed any of Charly’s cheers, but she did have to slow down on some of her duties as a cheer mom, stating, “ I was just too sick to help with the booster duties, but I vowed I would be ready by football season.”
When Charly found out her mom had cancer, she was naturally devastated but did not think of quitting the cheer team. “I was upset because I didn’t know what was going to happen, but cheering helped me get through it,” she said.
Charly was grateful for her cheer friends to be a source of support for her during those hard times. The senior cheerleader continues, “I’m really glad that my mom is better now and that she can come to my games,” she said.
There is a quote that states, “A mother and daughter share a special bond, which is engraved on their hearts.” As for Mary and Charly, the special bond is stronger after comforting each other during one of the scariest times for this mother-daughter duo.
Football season is now in full force, Charly is on the sidelines cheering on the Longhorns, and as for Mary, she is right there supporting her “little girl.”
Mary has finished all her treatments and is getting stronger every day. She credits a loving family, devoted friends, and a giving God for helping her reach her goal of being in the bleachers for the first football game of the season.