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Johnson County student athletes enjoy Witten Camp




Jason Witten-1

Witten Camp 1

By:  Tim Chambers

Tomahawk Sports Editor

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It wasn’t hard to pick out the man that everyone came to see on Saturday and his 6’5 frame appeared to the kids like that of a giant gladiator. Jason Witten, an all-pro tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, walked around Citizens Bank Stadium at Elizabethton High School (EHS) giving high fives to many of the fans that came to get a glimpse of him.
But the football field was where he stood out most.
Hundreds of young campers were scattered about taking part in Witten’s Score Foundation camp at a place where he put Elizabethton on the NFL map.” This is the first time that I’ve been inside the new stadium and I love it for the community,” said Witten. “They really did a good job of making it a beautiful place. It’s great that we canEvan Chambers 1have our summer camp here. I’m happy for my brother Shawn (Witten) and the entire EHS community. They have a really nice facility here.”
The camp has come a long way since it started back 14 years ago. Witten loved the turnout for this year’s event.
“Sports can provide so much, not just in wins and losses,” added Witten. “It can change the character of a young kid. “
The camp left a lasting impression on several young Johnson County student athletes. One of those was youth league standout athlete Carson Jennings.
“It was fun and the people who coached us were really nice,” said Jennings. “I learned a lot of stuff today that I didn’t know.”
Evan Chambers just turned six but got the opportunity to attend the camp for his first time. Evan, a rising first grader attended Mountain City Elementary where his mother teaches but he plays for the Cyclones Mighty Mites football team.
“I liked the wide receiver stations and all the tackle drills that we did,” added Chambers. “It was fun to have it here because this is where I play at. I want to do it again next year.”
The same can be said for Kaden Blevins who agreed that Witten was fun to watch.
“It was fun because they really wanted us to learn,” said Blevins. “We didn’t stop, we just kept going.”
Witten and many area high school coaches and others hit the field at 8:30 sharp to put the kids through several football drills at various work stations. It’s a release from what the all-pro hopes is a super bowl season for the Cowboys.
Witten Camp Carson and Kaden

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Witten Camp 2