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Hayden Osborne could be a ‘big hit’ at linebacker for JCHS Longhorns

hayden_osborne.cmykBy Tim Chambers

Hayden Osborne is proof that dynamite comes in small packages. The tough-as-nails linebacker is ready to explode on the opposition and he can’t wait for the season to begin.
Osborne is small in stature at 5’6 and 140 pounds but he makes up for that with his giant size heart. He said that summer workouts have been a blast.
“We’ve been working out three days a week running sprints and stuff,” said Osborne. “We do eight 10’s, six 20’s, four 40’s and four 100’s and we usually add on extras each week. Everything is going real smooth especially after the first week. We enjoy getting together during the summer. We also play some flag football on Sunday afternoons.”
Osborne has been a busy beaver since spring practice trying to learn a new position. The coaching staff has moved him to outside linebacker after playing nose tackle last year.
“I love playing there,” added Osborne. “I like getting some steam up when you hit people. You get more opportunity to do that where I’m at now. Teams will try me because of my size. My goal is to be the toughest player on the field.”
Osborne has not only improved his speed, but he’s much stronger this year that last.
“I’ve been putting some time in the weight room,” added Osborne. “I’ve got my bench press up to around 250. Last year I was benching around 200. I can tell a big difference on the field. You have to prove yourself when you’re my size. I’m not going to back down from anyone on the field.”
The Longhorns have made some major strides according to Osborne.
“We had 10 days of spring practice and it all went well. We saw things we needed to work on in our scrimmage game against Happy Valley, but I know we will get those fixed.”
The upbeat Osborne pointed to his coaching staff as being the key to a great season.
“Those guys are working us hard,” added Osborne. “We’ve had time to learn Coach Kerley and everyone is comfortable with what they do.  We all like playing for Coach Kerley and everything is coming together now. I’m expecting us to have a good season. I believe that we are going to surprise a lot of people.
The football field is not the only place that Osborne has been hanging out during the summer. He spends a lot of time with his grandfather, Charles Osborne, doing everything from farm work to fixing up cars.
“He works me hard,” chuckled Osborne. “We work in the hayfield and do mechanic work. He’s 68 years old and it’s hard to make him stop. But he’s a huge role model to me.”
Osborne thinks he has a bright future with the Longhorns.
“I’m excited that I have two more years remaining. I love playing with these guys and for my coaches. My goal is to win a conference championship and play a home playoff game. Anything else would be icing on the cake.”