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There’s snow place like the Jo. Co. Senior Center

Seniors got active while enjoying a snowball fight at the recent Snowball Party on January 25.

By Meg Dickens

The Johnson County Senior Center was abuzz with energy on Friday, January 25. Seniors took refuge from the cold with an inside winter wonderland. Randy Dandurand provided music while the senior Snowball Party had seniors out of their seats with snowballs in hand. The “A-Team,” AKA Amanda Mullins and Amanda McGlamary from School Coordinated Health, helped coordinate frosty, fun events.

“We are always thrilled to partner with the Senior Center on various activities and programs! We were able to coordinate several games that incorporated movement for the Snowball Party,” said Amanda Mullins of School Coordinated Health. “Engaging with our community partners is an important component of our Coordinated School Health program.”

The seniors competed in several games. A Snowflake Walk, AKA cakewalk, had seniors on their feet dancing from snowflake to snowflake to win baked goods provided by Food Lion. Seniors paired up to test their memory matching winter scenes. They also played Pin the Nose on the Snowman. Winners Valarie Edes and Linda Neely both received baked goods from Food Lion.
The group got creative with a few items to make a unique snowman. The fastest group won the contest, and the “A-Team” chose a group to award with ribbons as well. No snow party is complete without a snowball fight. Numbered buckets took the brunt of the fight. The senior with the highest score won.

“Thank you for the fun party. It made me feel young again,” said senior Wilma Smith.

The day ended with volunteers’ homemade chili and warm hot chocolate with “snow cream” ice cream for dessert. Seniors played a game of bingo sponsored by Ballad Health Trauma Center then headed home.

Keep an eye out for more activities at the Johnson County Senior Center. Upcoming events include Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, which includes a free class with Cristy Dunn on January 31 at noon. Also look out for the Valentine’s Ball Friday, February 15 at 6 PM. Enjoy great food, music, and photos from BlooBird Photography. The menu includes amuse-bouches, surf & turf, roasted potatoes, red velvet cheesecake, a drink, and extra surprises. Tickets are required. Cost: $18. Proceeds go toward the Senior Center & the JCHS Culinary Arts Dept. Find out more at (423) 727-8883.