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Senior News: Reindeer for sale

Minnie Miller, Santa and his reindeer sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at the Johnson County Senior Center. Submitted photo.

By Meg Dickens

There was a jolly guest on December 21 at the Johnson County Senior Center. Santa arrived to speak to MRS, Minnie Reindeer Salesman, Miller about acquiring a team to pull his sleigh.

Miller called out each reindeer one by one to join the team as Santa specified what he needed. Santa needs a fast reindeer, and Dasher comes dashing out. Dancer and Prancer show up when Santa asks for reindeer with killer dance moves. Vixen flirts with the men in the crowd when Santa asks for an attractive reindeer. The “hot and ablaze” reindeer is Comet. Cupid brings love and joy to the team. Donner is the reindeer with an attitude. Blitzen is the strongman of the reindeer team.

Santa approves each reindeer one by one. After each reindeer comes to the front, MRS Miller points out her sign. Buy eight reindeer get 1one free. Out trotted a famous reindeer with a particularly ostentatious nose.
“What’s wrong with his nose,” Santa exclaimed.

“He can’t help that. He was born that way,” explained Miller.

This exchange prompted the group to burst into Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. Perhaps Santa had a more leisurely trip this Christmas with his new team. Either way, seniors at the Johnson County Senior Center had a blast. Maybe Mr. Claus will show up again next year.

The Johnson County Senior Center is a multi purpose center providing services for people 60 and older.