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Tennesseans for Student Success announces the release of the 2019 TNSuccessCard

Staff note: Local legislators include representative Timothy Hill for District 3 and Senator Jon Lundberg for District 4. According to the TNSuccess Card, Hill scored high in accountability and economic opportunity. Lundberg scored high in innovation and accountability. Both legislators received a B

NASHVILLE – Today, Tennesseans for Student Success (TSS) announced the release of their 2019 TNSuccessCard, a scorecard to keep Tennessee voters informed and engaged at the ballot box.

Please see the following statement from TSS’ President and CEO, Adam Lister:

“The SuccessCard is a helpful tool to keep voters informed and assist lawmakers in measuring the ways they are actively advancing student-focused policies. Since launching the SuccessCard, Tennesseans for Student Success has talked to more than 300,000 Tennesseans asking what they believe to be the most important policies to improve student learning. It’s clear from those conversations that a top priority of Tennesseans in every corner of the state is that lawmakers and representatives champion policies that will improve student growth and achievement. Tennessee has seen a historic rise in education over the past ten years, and it’s important to us those gains continue.”

Sareatha Murphy, a former educator, current advocate for Tennessee’s students, and parent of public-school students, brings her unique perspective on the importance of being an engaged citizen to this work:

“It’s tools like the Tennessee SuccessCard that I would encourage my fellow Tennesseans to use as they consider whom they would like to represent them in the General Assembly. The Volunteer State has reached new heights in education in recent years, but there is still more work to be done. I’m very proud to be the parent of a child who was selected for a work-based learning opportunity in high school, from there he attended technical college and graduated nine months later earning an industry certificate. I am encouraged by the direction our state is headed as alternative pathways for greater economic stability are becoming the norm. With continued education and engagement on our shared education priorities, we’ll be on the right track to ensure that every student in Tennessee is able to succeed.”

To view the TNSuccessCard, please visit to view your local legislator’s grade.