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Johnson County Book Bus a success

By Meg Dickens     
Johnson County Schools launched its book bus this summer. Recent statistics show it was a great success. The bus had 11 weekly stops along with occasional stops at the Read to Be Ready Summer Camp and Kids Country Child Care. It also traveled to multiple events such as the 4th of July parade and Sunflower Festival. Elementary and Federal Programs Supervisor Angie Wills spearheaded this program.
“She has had this vision ever since she came to Central Office. This was her baby, and she did a great job with it,” said Director of School Mischelle Simcox. “The kids of Johnson County definitely benefited from it.”
The Johnson County Book Bus would not have been possible without the generous support of the Johnson County School Board, Books from Birth, and Operation Pocket Change. The School Board recognized those who cared for and ran the book bus at their August 8 meeting. Those include Annette Greer, Stephanie Wills, Jayme Davis, Joe Bendell, Nancy Forrester, Darwin Garver, and Angie Wills.
The book bus served more than 273 people, gave away 587 books, and allowed 565 books to be checked out. The bus with its more than 1,800 books will not disappear, although it will not be running the roads as much. Local teachers have access in the classroom throughout the year.
“This book bus was a fantastic idea. It took a lot of work, and we really appreciate it,” said School Board Chairman Howard Carlton. “I would really like to see it going down the road.”
Involved parties are analyzing the data to improve this service. Look forward to the Johnson County Book Bus in the future. Feel free to visit the bus at the Johnson County Imagination Library’s annual Carnival on Tuesday, August 27.