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You’ve got this! Licensed counselor Tracy Becker answers your questions

Bruce asks: Why are we conditioned to be busy instead of being still and practicing self-care?

Nice question, Bruce. Since the age of television, things have certainly changed in this manner. Media, as it is now called, has taken over many aspects of our lives.
The programing and messages sent to us through our engagement with media has indoctrinated us, or better said, we have allowed media to indoctrinate us, and our belief systems. Much of this is related to appearances, such as looking certain ways and having certain things, thus creating stress on us regarding self-esteem, self-worth, money, and finances.
Many of us have decided collectively that we are acceptable, lovable, successful, and important by measuring ourselves against these now social norms, which is self-defeating at best.
Instead of this helping our society to grow and evolve in healthy ways, it has caused great anxiety, fear, stress, and depression in many people. It has also caused increased pressure and value based on performance, appearances, and the bottom-line.
It is unfortunate because very few of us feel a sense of well-being daily, or if you do, you must put a lot of effort into creating this for yourself. However, there is some good news. Since 2013 there has been a large trend in individuals, groups, and families living off the grid and being partially or completely sustainable.
It tells us that many are pushing against these social norms and willing to drastically change their lives so that they do not participate in the world in these ways.
Whether you want to seek a lifestyle of living off the grid or not, you can start right where you are. You can get rid of the television. Get off social media.
Create a 5 to 10-year plan for yourself to move in this direction. There are now many options and possibilities to step away from the social pressures and start creating more ease of being within.
Design your own life that supports self-acceptance, care, love, and peace.
You’ve got this!

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