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Yates returns to spotlight with pair of gold

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Yates is back at it again. He first made headlines in April 2021 with his weightlifting prowess at the USA Weightlifting Master’s National Championship. He now returns to the spotlight with two more gold medals, this time from the Pan-American Masters Weightlifting Tournament in Orlando, Florida. The competition took
place from August 4 through August 8.

As most people familiar with specific sports know, participants are divided into classes based on participant age and weight. Yates fell within the 60 to 64 age group and 102-kilo weight class. He competed in Olympic Lifting, which breaks down into two types of lifts: the Snatch and Clean and the Jerk. He placed first in both, lifting 182 pounds (83 kilos) and 224 pounds (102 kilos), respectively. That equals a total of 407 pounds (185 kilos), defeating his closest competitor by 57 pounds (26 kilos).

Yates started weightlifting late in November of 2019 and trained under a national champion locally, Adam Williams. If his track record has anything to say about it, Yates seems to have natural talent in the field. The sport also seems to have had a positive impact on his life.

“It really changed my life,” Yates said about joining the sport. “I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of age or ability.”

During a previous interview, Yates aspired to enter this contest. Other competitions he plans to enter are the 2022 USA Weightlifting Master’s National Championship on April 20 through April 24 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and an in-person world championship that December. This will be Yates’ third time competing in the former, taking home the silver on his first try in 2020 and three golds in the most recent iteration. 

About Yates
Allen Yates is best known for his real estate business, which he runs with the help of his son, Jackson. He has also made a name for himself as a musician, athlete, and business owner. Yates purchased a local car wash, now called Mountain City Suds, and has continued to upgrade the facility.