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Wills secures $53,000 ALT Grant

July 24, 2019

Angie Wills

By Meg Dickens

The 2019-2020 school year is just around the corner. Officials on the Johnson County School board have been working tirelessly to prepare and implement improvements. One improvement is in technology. Elementary and Federal Programs Supervisor Angie Wills announced an important win in the form of a $53,000 grant during the recent board meeting. The Adaptive Learning Technology Grant stems from Title 1-1003A school improvement federal funds.

“This grant will allow students to use an adaptive learning program that we otherwise could not afford to purchase,” said Wills. “We are excited about this endeavor.”

Johnson County Middle School and Roan Creek Elementary School will receive access to an Adaptive Learning Software Program. Not everyone learns in the same way. Adaptive Learning analyzes student performance and fits its teaching methods to the individual. Adaptive Learning turns education into a custom experience. This is great for students and teachers. Students improve, and teachers can better assess their progress. Students ranging from elementary school to university use this technology. This particular software has shown great student improvement in math and reading.

The US Department of Education wholeheartedly endorses Adaptive Learning. It has created a national technology plan (NETP) advocating for technology and Adaptive Learning. This plan is updated annually to keep up with the times. To read a full copy of the NETP, visit the Office of Educational Technology webpage at