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UT President and Comptroller visit Johnson County

University of Tennessee President Randy Boyd (center left), accompanied by Comptroller Jason Mumpower (center right), visits Johnson County’s UT Extension Office in a meet and greet type visit as part of his current goal to visit every office in Tennessee. Johnson County was the 91st office on his trip. Submitted photo.

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Johnson County received a visit from University of Tennessee President Randy Boyd accompanied by Deputy Comptroller Jason Mumpower on Thursday, July 2, as part of his meet and greet campaign. Boyd stopped in to meet with County Mayor Mike Taylor and the Johnson County UT Extension Office. His main reason for visiting was getting to know all of the offices associated with the University of Tennessee. Boyd has been traveling to different UT campuses and extension offices since his promotion from the interim president to president at the end of March 2020.

According to Taylor and Johnson County UT Extension Member Sarah Ransom, Johnson County is the 91st extension office on Boyd’s trip. UT’s website shows 95 extension offices in Tennessee. Taylor said Boyd called Johnson County’s site a “very good extension office.”

Both Taylor and Ransom cited Boyd as pleasant and cordial. Boyd spoke in-depth with UT Extension Office members about their programs. Several of these programs revolved around kids and teens, such as student nutrition and 4-H programs. A unique event happening soon is the 4-H Virtual Fashion Show.

COVID-19 interfered with the annual 4-H summer camp, but Extension Office members came up with a plan to save the summer called Camp from Home. According to Ransom, camp sponsors insisted that the funds be used for the children. Members prepared packages with three to four activities that kids can bring home with them
each week. Ransom reports that participation numbers are high, coming in at approximately the same as its highest previous attendance rates.

“It’s nice when people in the community come out and meet with constituents,” Mayor Taylor said about Boyd’s visit. “I look forward to (extension) programs continuing and the things they continue to do for farmers in the community.”

Johnson County’s UT Extension Office is located at 212 College St in Mountain City. Find out more information on this organization or its programs at the University of Tennessee website (, the extension’s Facebook page (@utextensionjohnsoncounty), or (423) 727-8161.