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TSPN seeks support to promote suicide prevention with new Tennessee license plate

Tamas Mondovics


The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN) is pleased to announce, in coordination with the Jason Foundation, AFSP, and other advocacy groups, of reserving orders for official specialty license plate promoting suicide prevention authorized by state legislation.
TSPN must collect 1,000 order reservations in order to get this license plate out to the public. Without the 1,000 reservations there will not be a license plate for Tennessee, so TSPN is urging residents to spread the word.
This Tennessee license plate will be the first in the country devoted to the cause of suicide prevention.
A share of proceeds from the sale of these plates will fund TSPN’s suicide prevention efforts, all focusing on suicide prevention in Tennessee.
Residents can pre-order plates at, at a cost of $35, and have the option of specifying a four-letter code between “0001” and “1000” to go on their plate,
TSPN officials added that some codes have already been reserved. As soon as 1,000 plates are reserved, production of these license plates can begin. So pre-order a plate will ensure the viability of the project.
In any given day, three Tennesseans lose their life to suicide. These license plates will lead to unprecedented exposure for the cause of suicide prevention in Tennessee and the agencies working to prevent suicide in our state.
TSPN’s Executive Director, Scott Ridgway, asks for your help in spreading the word for the license plate, noting that “if Tennessee is able to have this license plate for suicide prevention, we will be taking another step forward towards saving lives in Tennessee.”
To get involved in suicide prevention in Tennessee, TSPN recommends that all familiarize themselves with the warning signs of suicide (listed at so they can get help for themselves and those around them as needed. TSPN is available to provide a suicide prevention or awareness trainings across the state; to request a training visit our website (