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Town officials promising amenities’ upgrades at Community Center

Johnson County/Mountain City Community Center Director Flo Bellamy surveys the damage following a recent storm that blew down the fence protecting the swimming pool. While efforts to bring the facility’s amenities up to par are ongoing, the tennis courts will not be operational anytime soon. The swimming pool and its future is currently in discussions with members of the City Council. Photo by Veronica Burniston.    

By Tamas Mondovics 

The annual Progress edition entitled Progress, Moving Forward, has once again turned out to be a great success. A giant ‘Thank You’ to the community and individual members who have contributed to a balanced supply of articles pertinent to Johnson County and Mountain City’s future success is in order.  

As is the case, every year, some articles stood out more than others. This year, the story, Community Center awaits fate of neglected tennis courts and swimming pool got some extra attention. The story focused on improving the outdoor amenities’ condition at the local Community Center at Cunningham Park. 

Some have expressed concern that while the article’s focus was on the facility’s current condition, it lacked emphasis on the ongoing efforts to rebuild the dilapidated tennis courts.  Readers can be assured that the story was factual and that The Tomahawk Newspaper and its editor stand by reporting the views, feeling and comments of those currently representing, and caring for the Johnson County, Mountain City Community Center and its amenities, which have seen their fair share of need for support and the community’s generous spirit. 

 According to Mountain City Mayor Jerry Jordan, rebuilding the tennis courts that are currently closed to the public is in the works.

“We are still working on a grant to rebuild the courts completely,” Jordan said. 

Jordan emphasized that the Hometown Coalition group also asked about possibly using the courts for some other outdoor activities in the meantime. 

“We are not against the temporary use of the courts as long as it is safe to do so,” Jordan said.  

As for the swimming pool’s condition and the adjacent playground in the shadows of a mighty Oak tree that has found its place in the hearts of many that grew up, played, or picnicked under its shade, is another sore subject. Whether the pool will be open this summer or not remains to be seen, but Jordan confirmed the Council’s interest in discussing the issue. 

“We are going to talk about that this coming meeting,” he said in a phone interview earlier this week, referring to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. 

Mayor Jordan added, “I want the water loss at the pool fixed,” adding, “we will also need to find someone to manage the pool operation if we are to open this season.”   

Adding to the drama, the fence on the south side of the pool property that was already in need of replacing got a helping hand from a recent storm, which took little effort to blow it down flat. 

“Yes, the fence has to be replaced too, and we are working on it,” Jordan said. 

That local officials and residents alike would like to see a properly functioning community center; there is little doubt. And as community support, generosity and work continue on behalf of the far too long neglected facility, its director Flo Bellamy summed things up nicely when she said, “Together we can do this.” 

For more information about the Johnson County / Mountain City Community Center, please contact Flo Bellamy at 727-2942. For additional information about the Town of Mountain City, visit