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Town of Mountain City honors civil servants

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

The Mountain City Council started the Tuesday, December 8 meeting with a series of presentations recognizing four workers that devoted themselves to bettering the Town of Mountain City. These civil servants gave time and experience to the town through labor or administration. Each honoree received a personalized plaque from the Council.

Kevin Parsons

Former City Mayor Kevin Parsons passed away on Wednesday, September 30, before his term came back up for election. Before he became mayor, Parsons served on the City Council starting at age 28, making him the “youngest member to be elected in town history.” He served three terms as an alderman and two terms as mayor.

The City Council presented a plaque in his honor to his parents, Glenn and Ruth Trivette Parsons. The family tearfully accepted this. In honor of Parsons’ birthday, the City Council waited until December to declare Kevin Dwayne Parsons Memorial Day, which was December 8.

Bob Morrison

Bob Morrison served as an alderman for more than forty years. According to city data courtesy of Alderman Lawrence Keeble, Morrison served ten two-yearterms and five four-year terms with a two-year gap somewhere in-between. Records show that Morrison only missed one meeting during that time, which he explained was for a cancer operation. For reference, areas such as Franklin and Nashville’s longest-serving aldermen served around 25 to 30 years.

“The folks of Mountain City elected this fellow 15 times,” Kebble exclaimed. “That’s amazing. You’d have to go back to Congressman Quillen’s days to maybe match that longevity. It might even be a record for an alderman serving time in the state of Tennessee.”

Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn has served the Town of Mountain City for 20 years. City Mayor Jerry Jordan thanked him for his service to the community while presenting his plaque. Dunn works as the local Water Plant Operator. According to City Recorder Shiela Shaw and Dunn, he received a monetary award as part of this back in May.  

Bennie Campbell

Bennie Campbell is another honoree that will not be returning but for more upbeat reasons. Campbell officially retired from the Town of Mountain City on April 8, 2020. As part of the award presentation, he received “something to make (him) happy” inside an envelope. The City Council wished him a happy retirement, and Mayor Jordan said they will miss him. 

The Mountain City Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at City Hall. During the December meeting, officials agreed to return to virtual meetings for the near future. Find Zoom information for upcoming meetings and previous recordings on the city website.