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Town focuses on repairs

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Both the city and county have been working on Master Plans, which are approved but not officially released to the public. As a part of revitalization efforts, the Town of Mountain City has started on a series of local repairs to help improve conditions. They range from fixing minor annoyances to long-requested projects.

The most popular repair is the city pool. The facility has been closed for two years now because of a variety of issues. The most well known problem is the sizable leak in the pool bottom, leading to what city reports have called “substantial water loss.” The less talked about issue is the outdated electrical equipment. News on the leak is not known, but the city has started updating the electrical equipment. According to the city officials involved, this particular update should be complete by the end of the month. Unfortunately, the quoted price for these repairs jumped up an additional $400 from the previous quote.

One now missing annoyance is the “inadequate” sensors on the stoplights on South Shady Street. According to City Mayor Jerry Jordan, drivers had to “about stick the nose of your car out in the road to make them trip.” Along with these, technicians did work on the stoplights at Shouns and Walgreens. The entire project cost around $2,000.

The water plant had unexpected issues not considered when budgeting for the year. The garage door, dating back to 1987, broke in June, and technicians say it is unfixable. The price for repairs continues to climb, so plans to fix this needed to be streamlined. Experts expect the cost to be around $2,500. The city approved the replacement.

Other repairs focus on water leaks and breaks, some of which have reportedly caused significant issues for locals. One case mentioned is related to flooding caused by a main water line break. Jordan reports it resulted in around 600,000 gallons of water around local premises, causing loss of business. The line has since been repaired. The city has agreed to pay the $1,000 insurance deductible incurred by the owner for this on the condition the owner signs something saying the city was not liable, per City Lawyer George Wright’s suggestion.

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