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Tie the knot with less stress

By Meg Dickens

Marriage is a concept as old as civilization itself. Some form of recognized union has existed since ancient times. The idea changed as time passed, but primitive traditions carry on in modern day practice. For example, the wedding ring came from an Ancient Roman belief that a vein in the left-hand ring finger ran directly to the heart.
This vein was known as the Vena Amoris, which translates to the vein of love.
Johnson County may not be the first place most people picture walking down the aisle, but there are a surprising number of local resources. Flowers, beauty care, catering, photography, venues, budgeting, and crafting materials can all be found right here in Johnson County. Tying the knot can go hand and hand with supporting the local economy.
According to The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding costs more than 33 thousand dollars. Select banks and finance companies help set a budget to help cost-conscious couples have a ceremony that will not “break the bank.” Budgeting is easier now that engagements periods are on the rise. The average engagement period lasts approximately 13 months. Partners now work together on many tasks. For example, 50 percent of couples choose an engagement ring together.
Wedding trends have evolved over the years, and casual weddings have become increasingly popular. DIY (Do It Yourself) projects are a modern way to add a personal touch to an event or outfit while cutting costs. Burlap is a common material used for country chic weddings. It is commonly paired with lace and used for accents on pieces such as runners and silverware rolls. Using these projects can be the perfect way to keep a steady theme.
Craft stores are cornerstones for DIY events. Stores carry necessary supplies and can order what they may not have in stock. More people are coming in for gifts and wedding materials according to local business owner Rebecca Mink. Customizing and creating items such as centerpieces greatly reduces cost. According to estimates, a recent customer saved thousands on her wedding.
“DIY weddings allow couples to be creative and have exactly what they want,” explained Mink. “It’s also a great way to get kids, friends, and family involved. “
Bouquets are a featured part of any wedding. Many choose personal favorites to make up their bouquets. Flowers are a traditional way to convey feelings throughout many cultures. Type, color, and the number of flowers can completely transform their meaning depending on the part of the world. Learning floral symbolism became a beloved pastime during the Victorian era. For example, purple violets symbolize thoughts occupied by love. Adding a message can make a bouquet more personal.
According to local business owner Brenda Church, residents tend to lean more towards peonies and roses for wedding arrangements. Common meanings for peonies include romance, prosperity, a happy marriage, honor, and compassion. Church says that peonies are easiest to get in the window between May and June.
“Their bouquets need to be what they love,” explained Church.
Bouquets are not just for the ceremony. Dry out the flowers for a keepsake so buyers can get the most out of their purchase and a nice reminder of that special day.
Catering is an important part of any wedding. There are several local professional options as well as locals with the needed expertise. The main thing clients should know before approaching a caterer is attendance numbers. Caterers base a lot around how many they are feeding and what they are making.
“The type of menu is important and strongly impacts prep time,” said local Sue Gentry.
Always be prepared for the unexpected. Caterers make a little more than numbers demand. That way unexpected or ravenous guests still have plenty to eat. Caterers use this technique to reduce unnecessary stress.
Weddings are a personal experience but include an overabundance of people. Choosing the right wedding party is crucial. Consider expenses, personality clashes, and reliability before popping the question.
Adding pets to the wedding party has also become increasingly popular over the years. Before including that furry friend, make sure that there is an infrastructure in place to care for
the animal. Make sure that the venue allows pets, there is someone to help during and after the ceremony, and that the animal has the right temperament for public events.
There is a lot to think about before walking down the aisle. Remember that bigger is not always better. Simplicity is the most recent trend. There are a lot of steps that couples can take to save money and support local businesses. Enjoy that special day. In the end, the important thing is being with the one you love.