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The other side of Scotty Campbell

By Teresa Crowder
Freelance Writer

Johnson County native Scotty Campbell is well known as our State Representative in District 3.
Early on, Campbell’s parents taught him about public service. His mother worked as a nurse and his father as a Tennessee State Trooper. They taught Campbell that the government can make a positive difference in people’s lives. His firsthand experience started when he interned in Congress as a teenager and in the Tennessee State Senate while in college at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee.
“The legislative commitment is a big one and a weight that I don’t take lightly,” Campbell said. “The role comes with a sense of responsibility, and I do my best to answer everyone that tries to contact me. There are a number of needs, and I do my best to fix as many things as we can. The district I represent includes all of Johnson County, part of Carter, part of Sullivan, and part of Hawkins County was just added. That encompasses about 66,000 people.”
However, Campbell has many interests and talents beyond the field of politics.
“I’m currently involved in my primary business, which is residential rental properties,” he said. “I’m a paramedic and volunteer for First District/Laurel Bloomery Fire Department. Previously, I worked for a number of radio stations as an on-air personality, including 96.9 WXBQ and Electric 94.9. I was a 911 dispatcher at Johnson County 911 and worked for Hux-Lipford Funeral Home. Most recently, as a conservative talk radio host on SuperTalk 92.9.
In addition to these endeavors, Campbell is quite involved in the sport of wrestling.
“The attraction to wrestling started at a very young age,” he said. “I want people to understand that it was my baseball, basketball, football, hockey, etc. Wrestling was my sport, if you will. My parents would take me to see wrestling at Freedom Hall in Johnson City. Companies including WWE, WCW, and SMW would frequent the venue. My friend Robin (Pardue) Kurtz would take me to independent wrestling shows when I was a kid. As an adult… I was able to see many of the larger-than-life performers of my childhood in person… including “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express.”
In 2013, Campbell appeared live in the ring for the largest wrestling company in the world. This was broadcast on the USA Network on WWE Monday Night Raw. This was due to helping a charity and a fulfilling experience. “To walk the aisle that was walked by Hulk
Hogan, “Stone Cold,” Steve
Austin, John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, and more was a dream come true.”
Most recently, Campbell created Beside The Ring because many kids practiced and trained to wrestle at his residence.
“I wanted to allow some of them to perform for a live audience. I wanted to entertain people. Watching wrestling takes my mind off reality, and I enjoy the journey.”
Beside The Ring, show is scheduled for Friday, June 10, at Carver Recreation Center in Johnson City, TN. Tickets start as low as $10 and are available at